Having a printer at your place is important, not because it prints, but for the fact that it can copy, scan, and fax the documents as well. But with a number of good things, you can expect something bad as well. Any machine can create problems for the users, but the problems generally have a solution. Sometimes, even more than just one.

One of the problems that are common with a number of HP printers is that the printing job gets stuck, which results in a long line of incomplete documents to be printed. What next? You cannot print anything now. All the commands that you give, just end up being in a queue which never moves.

But you need not worry, as the problems that arise always have a solution to them. Follow the steps below to resolve the print job stuck issue:

  • Turn the printer OFF and remove the power cord from the switch.
  • Press windows key on the keyboard and type Services in the search field and click open it.
  • Now scroll to the Print Spooler. Right-click the option and from the drop-down list, click Stop.
  • Open Windows Explorer and delete all the files from the folder PRINTERS.
  • Turn Off the Computer for a while and turn it back on.
  • Plug the power cable of the printer into the source and hang on for at least one minute.
  • Now turn on the printer and try printing a test document. If it does the task, then this is it.

In a matter of no time, the printer is back on track. The best part, you do not have to understand any terms which can be difficult for a plenty of people.

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