How to Fix the Printer Driver is Unavailable Error on Windows 10

Getting a correct arrangement of drivers to go with your PCs & workstations can without a doubt be an unlikable learning. This situation isn’t with the windows 10, anyway a portion of the clients go over with error like where Windows can’t discover printer driver. In other word, How to Fix the Printer Driver is Unavailable Error on Windows 10. You don’t need to be worried, in the event that you discover such mistake, just get printer driver unavailable windows […]


How To Download Lexmark Printer Drivers

If you’re having issue with your Lexmark printer, you don’t need to worry. There’s no need for you to think about sending it to a computer repairman or even throwing it out. You might take it as a joke, but the fix to your printer troubles is really just one download away. This post will explain to you how you can download Lexmark printer drivers automatically & for the convenience of maintaining your computer and printer in tip top condition, always.

Now, you might experience […]


How to Remove Printer Driver in window 8

Sometime, after uninstalling or deleting a printer in Windows, the driver for it is not fully uninstalled. So, you should know how to remove the driver files manually.

To prepare for removing driver files:

  • Check in Programs and Features.
  • Uninstall any program that associates to the printer driver you want to remove.
  • Select Devices and Printers.
  • Click printer driver .
  • Select “Remove device”.

It might possible that while attempting to remove the driver files may result in an “access denied” or “printer in use” error.

To completely […]


How to Setup Your Printer Through WiFi on Mac

Getting a new  printer brings a lot of excitement on its usage and functionality. Users are always eager to put their hands on it and most of time they are familiar with its Printer setup process.
Just to refresh thoughts, we have laid out the following steps:

Setup Your Printer Through WiFi on Mac

1. Click on the Apple symbol on the top, left-hand corner. Then, click System Preferences.
2. Click on the Printers & Scanners icon.
3. Click the plus “+” sign to add the printer. ( …
4. […]


Shared Printer Setup and Troubleshooting Services

Printer Offline Help can set up your printer to your home computer network. Traditionally, the most common way to make a printer available or printer setup to your home network has been, just to connect it to one of the computers and then ask Windows to share it. This is called a shared printer.

Basic Advantage and Disadvantage of Shared Network:

Advantage: It works with any USB printer.

Disadvantage: Your host computer has to be powered up always; otherwise the rest of the network would not […]


How to Setup Canon Printer with Wireless Network

Canon printers are among the best printers available in the market today for printing. Canon printers offer high-end resolutions than the next-best competitor in the market. Hooking up the printer to your computer will take virtually no time at all. Windows these days makes the process as simple as possible.

 Steps to connect canon printer with wifi

  1. Before you start you need to make sure you know the password for your Canon printer.
  2. Turn on the printer.
  3. Insert the CD or download the setup from […]