How to connect canon mg3600 printer to WiFi

Check the power connection and turn ON the printer and wifi router and start the process to connect canon mg3600 to wifi. There are two methods to setup network connection between printer and wifi. One is wireless, and another is wired connection. In case of wire: insert the one port of the Ethernet cable onto the router and another into the printer jet. In case of wireless mode: Make sure printer and router is ON and noted down the SSID information and wifi router […]


How to connect canon mg3650 printer to wifi

Connecting a canon mg3650 printer to wifi is quite simple. You only need wires with you and the driver, which can be easily downloaded on any computer. The installation of this driver is compulsory before you can connect the drive to your home network or one in any other location you may choose and connect canon printer to wifi onwards.

  • First connect printer and computer with the same wifi router.
  • Insert the Ethernet cable one side into the printer and another side on […]

Setup Canon TS3100 Printer

Steps to setup Canon TS3100 series printer. Turn ON the printer and computer and check the printer softwares on computer setting. Click on the desktop start button and type “softwares” and click on the check for update app on windows 11. If printer is outdated. Go to the printer official website and download the latest version of canon printer drivers as per desktop operating system.

Once drivers installed on PC. Make sure printer and computer is connected with the same Wi-Fi router. Now, go to […]


How to fix Canon mg2900 printer offline

Once in a while when you need to print a document, you pick “Print” and select your favored printer however error occurs. You look at the printer menu & run over the irritating “Printer Offline” message. You can get your canon mg2900 printer offline back online in a short span of time. There are often methods to fix a printer offline error but before following the steps, reboot your printer and computer and test a printer page. Canon mg2900 printer offline issues might bother […]


Fix Epson wf2650 printer offline

What to do when epson wf 2650 printer shows an offline error on the computer. In such circumstances, first check if your printer “Hardwares” are connected properly. Make sure computers have the right version of printer drivers. Therefore, find and fix epson printers offline to online on the computer.

How do I get my Epson wf2650 back online

Therefore, the printer offline problem can be fixed by following technical steps. If you are unable to fix it then follow the technical steps explained in article […]


Install Epson et2720 printer driver

When Install Epson et2720 printer driver on Windows computer. Check that the operating system is compatible with the printer. In general, Windows is an operating system that will be compatible with almost any new printer. But both in the case use an older version of Windows, or if the printer is also old. Make sure that they are compatible with each other so that they can connect correctly. Different ways to establish a printer. Next, go to the different ways have to install a […]