Why is my mac saying printer is not connected

If you can nor print from you Mac or IOS device then definitely, you Mac is nor connected with printer. Therefore, even your printer is not connecting with Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. In that case you have to follow the technical steps to fix printer issues with Mac. Why my Mac is not connected with printer or not printing, or wireless connection issues might be a major issue if you do not follow the technical steps mentioned in article. If you are [...]


How to find Brother Printer Username and Password?

Are you forget Brother printer username and Password? Need not to worry this article can retrieve username and password of you brother printer easily. Follow the technical steps mention in article below and recover username and password of your brother printer in sort span of time. Get brother printer default password. Generally, setup a brother printer username and password is not difficult but sometimes, Brother printer requires technical steps to figure out. Steps are mentioned in article - How to find Brother Printer Username [...]


5 Steps to Repair Your Offline Printer

It can be a very annoying experience when you ready to print an important document but find out that printer is offline or doesn't work. What could be wrong with printer?   You'll see then a printer is offline message in the printer menu and it could be more frustrating. Therefore, steps to repair your offline printer any model is mentioned in the article. What you have to do at this moment when printer keeps going online to offline mode. It's not that much difficult [...]


How to setup wireless printer on Laptop

Steps to setup wireless printer on Laptop are mentioned below: Follow the technical steps and setup wireless connection between printer and desktop.  Connection Method Selection. Select a method to connect the printer wireless Connection. Select option When using the printer with your computer Via Wi-Fi (Without using a cable). Sharing the printer with other computers. An access point (or wireless router) is required. USB Connection. Select this option When using the printer by connecting it to the computer with a USB cable After software [...]


What to do when Printer Stuck in Offline Status in Windows

Printer offline status occurs when network communication error pop-ups between printer and Windows 7, 8, 10 and mac. Reason might be behind its improper connection, lost configuration, drivers’ issues, Printer and desktop setting or any print document stuck in printer queue. Therefore, Day to Day Questions moves around such as how to troubleshoot printer stuck in offline status in windows 7,8,10 and mac. In that case fix printer offline status in windows 7 from beginning. If you are unable to fix printer offline issues [...]


How to bring an offline Canon printer Pixma G6020 online

Printer specially Canon printer is known for High quality print yet Canon printer Pixma G6020 face offline issues too due to printer setup, printer is not connected with wireless, printer power off, printer drivers issues and so on. Hence, How to bring an offline Canon printer Pixma G6020 online is not a big deal to fix it out. Chat with certified technician and check how technician fix canon printer offline at chat only. How do i get my Canon printer Pixma G6020  back online [...]

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