Hp provides high-end printing quality with exclusive features. Therefore, Hp printer face technical issues like as other printers. Sometime you cannot print files or document due to printer popup offline message. HP printer offline issues is very crucial yet you don’t know How to get Hp Printer Online. Hence, you can get Hp Printer technical support from technical certified team who can fix your all kind of Hp Printer technical issues in a sort span of time.

How to get Hp printer online windows 10

Reason behind the hp printer show offline in window 10 is poor communication between your printer & system yet another error can occur due to outdated, improper drivers, conflict printer spooler, & hardware connection etc.  In addition, now follow the steps for how to get Hp printer online window 10 are followings:

HP Printer Is Offline How to Get Back Online?

  1. Check your printer connection through USB cable or wireless network or change printer setting.
  2. Restart Hp printer
  3. Next, Check connection of your printer (check your USB cable). If problem can resolve you can restart your USB too with port light.
  4. If you are using wireless connection, check your network wire & check the signal on your printer.
  5. Check if you are using a VPN connection or fit it via disconnect VPN & re-try to access your printer again.

fix hp printer


You can hp printer offline fix windows 10 errors by following the mentioned steps above. For instance, if you can’t fix your technical issues then you can make a call to us at our toll-free number. Our technical certified team is available 24/7.

Hence, Hp Printers shows offline message because of unsecured connection & connectivity between printer & computer. A user must aware that should not use printer with the message likewise use printer in offline mode. Instead, troubleshoot its setting by following steps:

  1. Start menus
  2. Click on Setting
  3. Tap on Device printer & scanner
  4. Unchecked the box from list queue – use printer offline.

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