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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the printer make noises when turned on?2018-05-15T09:42:44+00:00

It is completely normal for a printer to make noises when turned on after a longer duration, or after the power interruption. It is the automatic maintenance procedure that a printer performs by itself to optimize its performance.

Has HP released Printer Assistant for MAC?2018-05-15T09:41:10+00:00

No, HP has not released its Printer Assistant for MAC operating system. HP Utility, however, has the similar features.

How to download HP Printer Assistant?2018-05-15T09:39:51+00:00

You can download the Printer Assistant of the specific model from the official website of HP.

How do I get the HP printer support online?2019-02-25T06:06:52+00:00

You can get the HP printer support online by dropping a call at our helpline number +1-844-255-9339

I have lost the installation disc. How do I install my HP printer without it?2018-05-15T09:37:13+00:00

You need not to worry if you do not have the access to an installation disc. Just go to the manufacturer website and download the drivers for the particular model that you have and install HP printer with ease.

My HP Printer shows offline. What to do?2018-05-15T09:39:05+00:00

To make your printer communicate with your computer, go to the Devices and Printers in control panel and uncheck Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline options. The HP Printer Offline issue is now resolved.

What is the difference between color laser and color inkjet printer?2018-05-15T09:47:03+00:00

Basic types of printer are: Laser printer and inkjet printer. Laser printer has low start-up expenses than laser printer. Laser printers are more expensive. Inkjet ink cartridge is less expensive than the toner cartridge. Inkjet printers are capable of printing on different types of papers.

Do you need the fastest printer?2018-01-12T13:23:43+00:00

Faster printers are usually expensive. A black and white laser printer prints 46 pages per minute and a colored laser printer prints 26 pages per minute.

Can printer be connected to the network?2018-05-15T09:48:39+00:00

Yes, for example if you’re using HP wireless Printer which is connected through USB to your computer, you can convert it from USB connection to wireless connection. Now your printer is connected to your specified wireless network, now it can easily be used by the other computers that are using the same network.

From where can you get Printer Setup Support information?2019-02-25T06:07:37+00:00

You can reach our Printer Setup Support at +1 844 255 9339 . You can get all kind of printer error support from

How to view printing history?2018-01-12T13:20:32+00:00

There are a few ways to view printing history:

  • Under the user’s details page select the Job Log option.
  • If you want to view recent printing jobs, under the appropriate printer’s detail page and select the Job Log option.
  • And if you want to view all the printing jobs, on the log tab select the global print log option.
How do I add a new Printer?2018-05-15T10:07:02+00:00

New printer setup is an easy process. If you have Windows system, your printer will be added to the computer system automatically once the new printer is added to the monitored server. And if you are using the Mac / Linux system, once PaperCut NG is enabled on the new printer, after the first print it’s displayed in the admin web interface. Based on the configuration assigned to [template printer], new printer is assigned with the initial settings.

How do I delete the printer?2018-01-12T13:18:45+00:00

Go to Start menu > in the search field type Print Management > select all the printers (right side of Print Management) > right-click the unwanted printer > choose delete > select All drivers (right side of Print Management) > right-click the unwanted printer > choose Remove Driver Package.

How do I disable a printer?2018-01-12T13:17:10+00:00

Click on the Printer tab > printer list page will display > select the printer > On the configuration section select disable.

Is online printer support is available?2018-05-15T10:01:36+00:00

Yes, online printer support is available. You can always get printer support assistance from

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