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Steps to fix HP Officejet 3830 Offline Problem

HP Officejet 3830 Offline Product Name: HP Officejet 3830 First of all, check manual IP address for your printer –after obtaining the IP address put it in the command line of your printer. Write the IP address on your browser to make the printer information on your computer screen. Now, open “Network” settings – Click on “Wireless (IP) – Then click on “Network address (IP4) Link to the radio system which gives Manual IP address and then start a Suggestion to a manual IP [...]

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Fix an HP Printer Offline Issue

  Like any other mechanical device, a printer too can sometimes cause you trouble. But a printer only does that when it itself encounters an issue. If your HP printer goes offline unexpectedly even when it is connected and does not print, it means that the client device has failed to communicate to the printer. To resolve this particular problem with your HP printer, follow the points below: Connect the computer and the printer using a USB cable. Press the Windows key on keyboard [...]

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