To get your printer in the working mode, you need to a complete a thorough setup process. It includes following a few easy steps. With a driver CD in the box, setup an HP printer is quite an easy task anyone can perform. Now before we move on to the process, let us discuss why in this digital age, we still need to have a printer at our workstation. The possible reason is that not everyone is comfortable with the newer technologies. There is still a mass out there who prefers reading papers over internet or computer documents. To make a printer work, you first need to set it up on a computer system. Most people do not belong to a technical background and thus get worried about the installation. But you genuinely do not have to stress yourself a bit about that.

It is simple to set up an HP printer on a computer working on Windows platform. here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Plug the printer into a power outlet.
  • Turn the printer and computer system ON.
  • The USB cable that came along the printer now needs to be plugged into the computer.
  • Once done, insert the CD into the CD drive on the computer.
  • Run the Setup and follow the instructions and complete the process.

Your device is now ready to serve you at the time you need. To crosscheck the installation, you just command it to print a document.

By doing this, you have made it possible for those thousands of small, mechanical parts that work together, physically, to convert an abstract digital thing to a real physical object, to start working in a way they are intended to.

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