Is your zebra printer offline and do not respond on computer? In that case, printer might be facing any “software” or “hardware” issues. Make sure printer is using accurate hardware USB cables and connected to wifi also. Go to the desktop start Button and type printer in search box. Open system setting and right-click on zebra printer and see what’s printer is printing. Steps Back and test a printer page and turn printer online.

Why zebra printer keeps going offline windows 10?

There might be several issues behind the zebra printer says offline. Therefore, set printer as Default printer. First, turn ON the printer and connect printer on wifi router with USB cable or wireless. Next, go to the desktop start button and search for “printers and scanners”. Open the system setting and right-click on your printer from the added printers list. Right-click on the printer and set printer as Default printer. Onwards, reboot the printer and desktop and test a printer page. Hence, change the printer offline status and fix printer offline issues.

How to fix zebra printer offline mac?

What to do when zebra printer not printing anything on mac computer. In that case, make sure computer is using the appropriate version of printer drivers if not. Download from the official website of the printer and setup printer on computer. Once drivers installed reboot the printer and connect  on the wifi router. Go to the system “preferences” and open printer setting windows. In printers click on the – icon and see the avavailbe printer. click on the + icon and add the printer on mac and try to print page.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I fix my zebra printer offline error in windows?
Ans: Zebra zp series fix offline issues, go to the desktop printer setting and right-click on the local printer model and click on the troubleshoot and fix offline error.
Q: What to do when my printer shows offline issues?
Ans: Go to the local printer on computer and right-0click on the printer model and see what’s; the printer is printing. In that case, re-install the printer on computer and fix problem.