There are several elements that can affect a printer not recognising cartridge, and that is why your HP, CANON, EPSON, and BROTHER printer when you insert a new cartridge does not recognize it and gives you an error. Here, the problems that may have happened, if this happens to you, surely the solution to your problem will be found within these.

Why instant ink cartridge not recognised on printer

Possible problems that our cartridge could suffer. How do I get my Brother printer to recognize compatible cartridges if the indicated cartridges are not communicating correctly with the printer. On the one hand, the chip may be damaged or dirty or directly incompatible. On the other hand, the problem may be caused by the cartridge itself and, last but not least, it may be the fault of the printer.

If the problem is that your printer does not recognize the cartridge may be because the chip is damaged. The problem can have three elements such as carriage jam on the printer. If when you put the cartridge, you fit it well and it does not detect it, possibly what is damaged is the connection chip. Take out the cartridge to examine the chip, if you find it loose or incorrectly placed. You can call technical service to have it replaced with a new cartridge or if you need to print at the moment. Try to place it yourself, many times it works. If it has not come loose and what happens is that it is scratched or broken, you have no other option than to change it.

How to fix ink cartridge not recognized

On the other hand, the chip may be dirty, because there has been some type of ink leak. If this happens it has an easy solution. It will be enough to clean the chip with a cloth in a delicate way, avoiding that the alcohol with which you clean it penetrates the cartridge and fix printer quality easily.

Old cartridge, As it happens with mobile phones, that if we update the software our old phone increasingly costs more to process the information, making the mobile phone more and more useless, the printers, if you update the firmware, stop detecting old cartridges as compatible, To prevent this from happening if you know you have multiple cartridges from a previous purchase, do not update the firmware.

How to bypass printer cartridge error

Poor cartridge placement, on the other hand, as have mentioned before, the problem may be with the cartridge. The problems with the cartridge can be from poor placement, that it is in poor condition or directly that the cartridge has come out of poor quality.

If the problem is the poor placement of the cartridge, this has an easy solution. You should always hear the classic click, if it resists you. Do not have problems treating it roughly, push it in if necessary. It has to be well fitted, otherwise it will come out “cartridge not recognized” message. Although it seems very logical, you should also remove the plastic with which the cartridge is wrapped and that is indicated in the instructions. If you do not do it, the chip will not be detected. Also, read on Epson printer offline errors.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I get my printer to recognize compatible cartridges?
Ans: Bad cartridge, The indicated cartridges are not communicating correctly with the printer. If the problem is that the cartridge is in poor condition. For various reasons, such as being stored for a long time. Have been in a place with high temperatures for a long time. There is not much you can do, other than claim or buy another cartridge. The same happens if it has come out of poor quality.

Q: What do I do if my printer doesn’t recognize the ink cartridge?
Ans: I refilled my ink cartridge but the printer still says it is empty. When it comes to printer issues, it can be due to firmware or software issues, but these are usually rare as they tend to have constant revisions. Fix slow printer printing problem.