What to do when Brother scanner not working and says no pc found when trying to scan on printer scanner. Printer not responding but is connected to the computer. How to accomplish brother scanner troubleshooting and ready to print and scan documents.

Fix scan issues with control center 4. Windows scan problems may occur for various reasons, the brother Printer unable to print when using the brother control center. Some of the more common reasons are replacing your router or network equipment.

What to do when Brother printer scanner not working

Scanner network problems, application issues and driver issues. If you’ve recently replaced your wireless router and have not reconnected your machine wireless. Now, require to reconnect it to the new router. Click the link on the screen and search the database for model specific. Instructions on how to connect your machine to a wireless network. First, need to check the Brother scanner driver to ensure that your machine’s network properties are correctly set to locate your scanner driver.

Type control panel in the search box on the windows taskbar. Then select the control panel at the top right of the control panel window type scanners and then hit enter. Then, click view scanners and cameras locate your brother device in the list of available scanners. Select your brother printer and then click properties. Click the network setting tab, now click the browse button to verify that your device is found on the network.

Brother printer won’t scan check connection

If your device is found on the network it will appear on the list. If your device is not found click the refresh button. If the device is still not found you’ll need to reboot the power to your router. Brother device and computer once completed try browsing for the device again. If it’s still not found you’ll need to reinstall the brother printer on the wireless network.

Once the device is found select your brother device and click ok. Click ok again and try scanning a document with the brother control center. If you’re still unable to scan, revisit your device properties. Click the network settings tab and select specify your machine by ip address. Click ok and try scanning again the machine should scan if errors still persist then visit brother printer offline page and follow for more options to troubleshoot brother scanner not working.