What to do when Canon Printer not responding. Printers are the common and most essential devices used by organisations, offices, schools, homes etc. to meet their different printing needs. While when Canon Printer not responding then must need to checkup network connection between desktop and printer.

Canon printers are ranked among the most trusted printing devices that people put in their faith too. If you are facing any technical canon printer offline problem in using your printer then you must follow given instruction or can also avail assistance at chat.

What to do when Canon Printer not responding

  1. Print quality issues– One of the most common problems is to get a bad printed paper with smudged lines, letters, half paper inside printer etc. In this case, first of all, you need to check your ink/toner cartridge if it is blank. If yes, then replace it with a new one. If it is not empty, then clean the printer cartridge with a clean cloth.
  2. Corrupt Drivers– Another main problem that comes with canon printer is the driver issue. Remember, driver is a software that creates communication between printer and system.  If your printer’s driver gone faulty then remove it and download its latest version, you should install latest, compatible drivers for your printer to work.
  3. Faulty Ink/Toner Cartridge– Ensure that the ink or toner cartridge is not faulty. If it is, then replace it. Even factory built-in toners can malfunction due to manufacturing flaws. Also, before replacing the toner cartridge, always clean out your printer with a clean, dry cloth just to ensure that dirt or dried toner flakes are not causing the problem.
  4. Power Failure/Printer Cable Failure– Ensure that the green power light is lit on the printer. If it is not, then check that the power button is on and the power cable is connected properly at both the ends. Also, check that the printer cable is properly connected to the computer.
  5. Paper Jam – If the paper tray has no paper, almost empty, or clogged, it is likely to a cause problem. Keep the tray full so that it doesn’t stop working due to the paper shortage. If the printer seems to be stopped, then open it up and check to make sure that not even a fragment of paper is stuck inside.

Steps to fix Canon printer not responding

If you simply follow the above-mentioned instructions, your printer should never face Canon Printer not responding problem and print beautifully. However, if it seems to be a problem with the hardware, replace it with your vendor. If the problem seems to be more of a technical type that you can’t fix, check online knowledge base for online technical support services. You can also take your printer to a local repair shop if it has crashed.

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