Some steps that may resolve the issue of Brother printer airprint not found. When printing from an iPhone to a brother printer.  The no air print printer found error occurs when your iOS device is unable to discover your brother printer on a network. There are many environmental factors that may contribute to this issue.

Following procedure will go through the most common Brother printer airprint not found and hopefully solve the problem. Make sure that your Apple device and your brother printer are connected to the same network on the Apple device. Click the Settings icon and select Wi-Fi. If the wrong network is selected. Select the correct network and try again. You continue to receive the message no airprint printers found.

 How do I enable AirPrint on my Brother printer?

 When Brother printer unable to print and shows airport error continuously. Verify the communication settings on your brother and Apple devices. First, need to print a network configuration report to verify that your brother printer is connected to a wireless network. For specific instructions on printing the network configuration report for your model. Follow the link on the screen to the brother USA FAQ search page. Select your model from the drop-down and click search. If you do not see your model listed click your printer type to reveal it.

Basic printer types include mono laser color laser or inkjet and can come in both printer and MFC configurations. Once your model is selected click on the link marked print network configuration report. Follow the instructions listed once the report prints locate your Brother printers IP address and network name.  IP address shows 0.000 or starts with a 169.254 then your brother device is not connected to the wireless network. You will need to complete a wireless setup for the printer before continuing for setup instructions.

 How to fix error brother printer no airprint found on iPhone

Click on the link marked connect your printer to a wireless network and follow the instructions listed. Once you’ve determined the printer has a valid IP address. Verify communication between your brother printer and Apple device and fix Brother printer airprint not found issues.  Further, open Safari on your Apple device in the address bar type the IP address found on the network configuration report. If the printer setup page opens your printer is connected. If the page is not displayed or the connection times out.

Your brother printer is no longer communicating with your mobile device to restore the connection power off. Both the brother printer and the Apple device with both powered down. Reboot your router by disconnecting the power and then plugging it back in it. May take several minutes for the router to finish rebooting. Make sure all the lights on the router have come back on before proceeding. Once the router is finished rebooting turn on your Apple device and brother printer. Check the Wi-Fi settings on your Apple device and verify connected to the correct network once. Correct network is confirmed try printing again. Therefore, If Printer not responding, Visit Brother printer offline page and explore more about the issue.