Printer is not printing and brother printer unable to initialize e9 and how to clear the unable to initialize error e9. Followed by a two-digit code on your Brother printer. Article cover multiple models even though your printer may not match the model. Referred to on the screen the overall process will be the same be unable to initialize error.

Followed by a brother printer unable to initialize e9 appears. If there are paper or other foreign objects stuck in your machine. Your printer is experiencing a mechanical malfunction. Open the scanner cover. Check the platen area and remove any ripped paper or other obstructions. Verify that all blue packing tape has been removed from the print-head. if the print-head is in the locked position on the right side of the platen and brother printer unable to print in window. Press and hold the red X on the control panel for five seconds. When the printhead moves to the center check the right side of the platen for jammed paper gently slide the printhead left and right.

How do I clear the message print unable e9 brother printer

Fix Unable to Initialize E9 error check for paper scraps trapped underneath the printhead leaving the cover. Open turn to the back of the printer. Open the jam clear cover remove any jammed paper by gently pulling with both hands. Close the jam clear cover. returning to the front of the printer close the scanner cover. If the error message continues and brother printer says offline unplug the power cord from the wall. Wait for two seconds then plug the cord back in. The error message should clear next you will need to print a quality.

Check sheet to verify that your machine is printing properly. On the touch screen press the ink icon then press improve print quality. Press Start, if the quality check sheet prints successfully the error is resolved. Press the home button to return to the home screen and try to print.