In large organizations usually, multiple printers, peripherals and other machines are connected to your computer network. And every printer connected to the computer has its own IP address. And these IP addresses helps you to diagnose the issues if a printer stops working or behave unusually. Some printers allow its users to see IP address via a menu on the LCD display but if your printer doesn’t have this feature then, you can find printer’s IP address through a command line of any computer connected to the network.

Lookup – ARP Table

  • Click on the Start button and type cmd in the search box. And then Press Enter.
  • Now type ipconfig and then press Enter to see the IP address and other information about the network. Your computer’s IP address is always listed next to IPv4.
  • Now type ping followed by the IP address and then press Enter.
  • Now type arp -a and then press Enter to see a list of all the devices connected to the network and the IP address of each device.

Lookup  – Network Route

  • Click on the Start button and then type cmd in the search box and now press Enter.
  • Now type netstat -r at the command prompt window.
  • Now press Enter to view the IP address of your printers and other devices connected to your network.

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