Do you know what to do when your printer showing offline status? When you see an offline printer status, this condition indicates that your computer and printer is not communicating. Your HP Printer Showing Offline can appear for many reasons. Maybe power off, the connection has been lost etc.

Some easy steps to get back your offline printer online:

How to change Printer offline to online status in windows

Step 1:

Set default printer: Check for your default printer settings. Your default printer might have changed from the printer you are using. Try to print, if it doesn’t print go to next step.

Step 2:

Don’t forget to check connection and perform a power reset: Reset the power of your Printer offline. This is the best and quickest way to reset your printing system. Try to print, if it doesn’t print go to next step.

Step 3:

Print & Scan doctor to check the connectivity: Print and Scan Doctor is a free tool provided by  to diagnose and resolve the printing issues. You can download and run the  Print and Scan Doctor, which performs troubleshooting tasks automatically and quickly to resolve the problems. Try to print, if it doesn’t print go to next step.

Step 4:

Always check the “Use Printer Offline” setting: Assure that your printer’s print queue isn’t set to print offline. For this, go to devices and printer > double-click the printer, click “see what’s printing” > go to printer menu and check “Pause Printing” and “Use Printer Offline” (No check mark next to it). If it’s checked, remove the check mark. Try to print, if it doesn’t print go to next step.

Step 5:

Cross check that correct port is selected: Go to devices and printers > right-click on the printer and go to printer properties and then select your print> Click on the ports tab > assure that port type matches the connection being used by your printer. Now, try to print, if it doesn’t print, your  printer may be in need of specialised Printer offline fix service.

Steps to fix Printer offline issues in windows or mac

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How do i stop my hp printer from going offline

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Hp printer showing offline but is connected

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