Printers have been generally classified on the origin of their printing techniques. On the basis of printing technologies, there are variety of printers available in market like as Inkjet printers, dot matrix printers, laser printers, etc. Multiple printer makers are developing printers with advanced technologies and newer options to give the users a level printing expertise. However, occasionally there are some problems that cause troubles using printers. In most of the cases, the users are simply able to diagnose the problem with the printer but problems can be easily resolved by suitable troubleshooting approaches.

There are multiple causes of printer offline. Listed below are the probable causes regarding why the printer goes offline. If your printer goes offline quite often, then you want to look out for the subsequent causes if they are properly set or not.

Configuration Settings

First of all, you want to check the configurations. Most of the printer offline problems occur as a result of the configuration problematic. Check if the printer will communicate along with your PC. If the printer cannot communicate with the PC, then it is assuredly going to cause problems with the printing. It is imperative to control the connections and make sure that all the configurations are done properly. You want to check the network cable that connects the PC with the router.


After that make sure to understand the USB cable that connects the printer to portable computer or your Computer. If all the configurations are done to the suitable ports then you will be able to try and move all these cables in several ports. Ensure you have a wireless printer then checking the Printer offline notification? If you are having a wireless printer then checking the assembly can be a while problematic. In this, you must at initial go to the network settings then choose the approve network settings which is going to show you the existing standing of the network settings.

Sometimes the connections and configurations are good. In that case, similarly try to restart your system. This will boot up the computer and can might assist your printer in restoration the PC and ever-changing the printer offline position to online.

Communication Breach

The main issue why your printer goes offline, once more, is simply, as a result the communication between the printer and PC is blocked. In some cases, a selected document may need caused problems along with your printer. This is probably one of the causes why the connection is jammed between the printer and PC. To avert this, you’ll be able to go clearing all the paint jobs by selecting “cancel all documents”. It resolves all printing queue and permit your device to restart.


In some cases, reinstalling the printer is effective too. All you want to do is eliminate the printer from your device and then reinstall it. This can be complete by going into the PC settings. These are some thinkable causes and rectification tips to resolve printer offline problems.