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Lexmark printer is one of the best brands available in the printer market. It is best known for its efficiency, quality, productivity, and reliability. Although it is one of the best products worldwide, as the time passes by, you might face some technical issues which need diagnosis and assistance. Apart from the features, the Lexmark printers are also plagued by one common issue, which is printer offline. The other reason for printer offline can be the disconnection from your computer. There can be several other causes for printer offline issue in Lexmark printer.

Printer offline problem arises when the printer is disconnected with the system and then printer displays ‘Printer Offline’ message. This printer problem can occur due to these numerous reasons are given below:

  • Prints not Coming Out up to the Mark: It happens ever so commonly that your Lexmark printers give poor quality prints. When this happens you no longer need to look for help too far away. Our services are open 365 days a year, so you free to call us any time of the of your choosing.
  • Printer Driver not updating: one of the most common problem users face with Lexmark printers is that they are unable to appraise the printer driver. It’s not a serious issue, but it’s a common problem faced by the user all over. In that case, give us a call. We will make sure that your printer is up and running.
  • Remove Jammed Papers: Printer can go offline if the printing papers are not filled in the printing tray in a right way. So, make sure your papers are fed in a proper way.

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Lexmark printer can go offline just like another printer due to several reasons. So, if your Lexmark printers go offline then don’t forget to check up for the following reasons given below:

  • Look for the jammed papers because printers also go offline due to paper jamming. The jammed paper is also one of the reasons why your Lexmark printer shows the offline status message. Remove the papers and insert it in a proper way again.
  • Cross-check for your internet connection as well, because of the poor internet connection you can face printer offline problem. Restart your router and assure for strong signal strength.
  • Faulty hardware and outmoded driver are one of the major causes why users face printer offline problem. Because faulty hardware and the outdated driver might disconnect and halt the printing process. The user needs to reach the Lexmark Printer Offline Support if not able to resolve the issue.

In case you’re still not able to get your printer back online, contact the Lexmark Printer Offline Help support now or call us now at Chat with Technician.


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