In this blog, we will teach you, how to install a printer without CD. We are sharing some simple steps where you can learn some easy steps to install a printer on your computer or laptop even if you don’t have installation CD.


Steps to install printer :

1 : Place your printer close to your computer system.

2 : Now plug-in your printer’s USB into your computer port (back side of CPU) or side ports of the laptop.

3 : Now turn on your computer or laptop.

4 : Now click on the Start.

5 : Now search for “Printer and Scanner”. You will see Printer and Scanner section while you search.

6 : Now click on the “Printers and Scanner” option.

7 : When you will see Printers and Scanner window, then click on the option “Add a Printer or Scanner”.

8 : Click on the name of the printer you want to add to your computer or laptop.

9 : Now, follow the installation steps and install your printer.


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