Steps to setup wireless printer on Laptop are mentioned below: Follow the technical steps and setup wireless connection between printer and desktop. 

  1. Connection Method Selection. Select a method to connect the printer wireless Connection.
  2. Select option When using the printer with your computer Via Wi-Fi (Without using a cable).
  3. Sharing the printer with other computers. An access point (or wireless router) is required.
  4. USB Connection.
  5. Select this option When using the printer by connecting it to the computer with a USB cable After software installation.
  6. Connect your computer with the printer appears.

Steps to connect wireless printer to laptop windows 10

  1. Press and hold the Wireless button (A) until the Wireless lamp (B) flashes.
  2. Press the Color button (C).
  3. Press the Wireless button repeatedly until the Network lamp (D) lights up.
  4. Press the Color button.
  5. Staffing the setup needed to use the machine from the computer,
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. This software allows to use the from the Computer.
  8. Useful Software.
  9. Install software that to use the machine more conveniently.
  10. Online Manual can be checked online.
  11. use the updated found on. internet.
  12. Select Country or Region.
  13. Select your place of residence.
  14. Before installing printer. carefully read the license agreement below.
  15. Accept License Agreement.
  16. Firewall Settings.
  17. You must block on in the Windows firewall function and deactivate the block.
  18. Check the Connection Method the printer to the following wireless router a connection.
  19. Wireless Router: My Network.
  20. Printer (Model series).
  21. Select wireless router.
  22. Select the wireless router to which you want to connect the printer wireless Routers another SSID or add manually.
  23. Network Key or Display network key.
  24. Next Setting up Network connection is temporary setup.
  25. Connection complete ted.
  26. The setup for printing from the computer is complete.
  27. Next ‘he software “I’ll be installed.
  28. Set as default printer.
  29. Software Installation List.
  30. The selected will be installed, make sure that the “and to install is selected. and then click.
  31. Estimated installation time: S to 10 minutes.
  32. Installation may take some time depending on your network environment.
  33. You Can Print from wireless printer on computer.