There is a guide on how to canon ts3322 setup printer on computer and connect printer to wifi router also. First, unpack the printer from its box and locate the CD that contains the printer software. Put the CD aside; to be used in. Remove any plastic, foam packaging, or tape if the printer is new out of the box. Attach the scanner lid by sliding the two plastic rods into place on the top of the printer. Connect the power supply to the power connector on the back of the canon ts3322 wireless setup. Then plug the printer into a power outlet and turn it on again.

Lift the top of the canon ts3322 printer (the white area) to expose the ink cartridges. The cartridge carriage slides out  automatically, allowing access to the ink bays. Unpack the ink cartridges and remove the protective packaging. Remove the small piece of tape covering the electrical contacts. Press down on the ink cartridge lever to release the covers. Insert the ink cartridges at an angle and push down on the front edge until each cartridge snaps into place.

How do I setup my canon ts3322 wirelessly

Insert the “Drivers and Utilities” CD into your computer’s optical drive. Do not connect the ts3322 printer to your computer until you are prompted to do so by the installation wizard. If you bought the used Canon printer, you can download the driver software from the canon support website ( https // ts3322). Click “Using a USB Cable” on the setup screen and enter your personal information to begin the installation process. Wait until the program displays “connect the ts3322 All-in-One Printer”, then connect the USB cable to its port on the back of the printer and to an available USB port on your computer.

How do I setup my canon ts3322 wirelessly

Click “Print Test Page.” Your computer will send a standard test page for the ts3322 and then wait for the installation to complete. After printing the test page, open the scanner lid and place the paper face down on the scanner glass with the top edge aligned with the right side of the ts3322. Press the “Scan” button on the printer. The printer ts3322 configures the scanner with this test page. Once the canon ts 3322 setup is complete, click “Finish” on your computer.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Steps to setup canon ts3322 printer on mac?
Ans: First, turn ON the printer and MacBook and connect it with the USB cable with power supply and wifi router. Now open ij start canon ts3322 setup on MacBook safari browser. Now download the latest version of drivers as per printer version and install the printer softwares on mac.

Q: How to setup canon ts3322 on Windows 10?
Ans: First, connect the canon printer to the wifi router along with the computer. Now go to the windows 10 search bar at the left-bottom bar. Now type “System Updates” and check if any printer drivers update is required. Then click on the update and updates the printer softwares and canon ts3322 wireless setup and test a printer page.