Setup Brother Printer ON wired and wireless network k using latest software and hardware.  In spite of connecting the printer directly to your CPU, you can link the Brother printer to your router and use it as a network resource. This printer setup is beneficial when you want to use the printer from multiple computers at your workplace or if all of your computers are laptops and you don’t want to bother with connecting and disconnecting the printer as you move from room to room.

How do I Setup Brother Printer on Windows

  • Insert the printer Select to install BR Admin and the drivers. Click on the Next button on each brother printer installation wizard window until you reach the end of this installation process.
  • Connect your Brother printer to the power and then connect the Brother printer’s Ethernet cable into one of your router’s wired devices or printer-specific ports.
  • Use your computer where you installed the Brother software and drivers. Go to “Start” and click “Control Panel.” Select “Printers and Faxes.” Click “Add a Printer.”
  • Now click the Next button and then choose A network printer or the printer attached to another Computer system. Click on the “Next” button and click on the “Browse for a printer” option. Click “Next” and leave the text field blank.
  • Choose the Brother printer in the list of printers that appears on the following page. Click “Next.” Choose “Yes” or “No” to select the default printer status. Click “Next” then “Finish.”


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