Steps to reset Brother HL-L3270cdw printer toner cartridge blinking light and print document properly. First, need to confirm the blinking light colour. Next, Understand the meaning of printer light colour. Third, check the ink cartridge and either reinstall it or replace it.

How to reset the toner counter on the brother hl 3270 cdw printer. Follow the steps and able to use your printer and fix issues brother printer unable to print. Your printer will tell you that either your cartridge is either low or out of toner. When in fact there is still toner left in there that can be used to print.

Show you how to reset the brother printer without having to replace that toner cartridge. Hold the buttons for several seconds. You have to match the button in certain sequences and in some parts. Actually, how to do this before we get into the steps of actually resetting the counter.

How to solve toner led light blinking on brother HL-L2320D 

How to reset Brother HL-L3270cdw the counters on their printers as well as you can see on the screen. It says that our magenta color is completely empty when in fact it’s really not there is toner left in that cartridge. But the counter says that it’s empty. What we need to do is go in now and reset that counter so that we can continue to use this toner cartridge.

It is completely empty and of course the best way to tell when it is empty is just to watch your prints. When you see the print start getting lighter or if you start seeing streaks. Change that cartridge so let’s go in and take a look and see how to reset in cartridge as you can see on the screen it does say

Brother 3270CDW toner cartridge reset

First step is to open the top cover and now to open the top cover simply lift the front of the cover up until you hear it. Click and lock in place once that’s done, lift the touch screen up. Let’s reset the counter going to be using the back button and the cancel button.

This process and there is an order in which you do have to press. First press the back button then the cancel button and then the back button again. First hold it for two seconds as many as suggested and it doesn’t work. Press and hold for five seconds then press the back button and again nothing happens the key to this. You do not press and hold for any time. You press hold and release and once you do that hit the back button immediately and the menu comes up. 

Now that we’ve got the reset menu up the menu does show the four different cartridges in the printer. You have your black your cyan, your magenta and your yellow and you have standard and high yield cartridges. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through and find the cartridge that you want to reset magenta. The high yield so i simply tap the high yield. Reset tap the yes button and the counter has now been reset Brother HL-L3270cdw.