What to do when brother printer unable to print in windows 10. Common causes for print failure for your brother wireless printer article cover multiple models. Hence, try technical steps at any printer model.

There are several issues that may cause your brother printer to fail to print will focus on common driver and network troubleshooting. Some windows computers are setup to automatically install devices found on your network. When this occurs your brother device will be connected with a windows WSD port and a generic driver.

What to do when Brother printer unable to print document

These are common causes for brother printer unable to print in windows 10 issues.

Click the link on the screen to verify that your drivers are set up correctly. Typing control panel in the search box of the windows task bar. Select control panel and then select view devices and printers. Right-click your brother device icon and select see what’s printing. If you have any pending print jobs click printer and then cancel all documents. Click yes once the pending print job has been removed. Check the brother device status if your brother device says use printer offline. Select printer and then use printer offline to switch the device back online. In case, Brother printer says offline then go to the printer offline troubleshooting article.

brother printer unable to print

If your brother printer is still unable to print, you’ll need to remove the printer and add it again. Right-click your brother device icon and select see what’s printing. Delete any pending print jobs and click the x to close the print job window. Right click your brother device icon and select remove device. Select yes to confirm that you wish to remove it. Select one of the other printer icons within the devices and printers window. Once selected printer server properties will now display at the top. Click on printer server properties and then select the drivers tab.

When Brother printer do not print reinstall the drivers on windows

Therefore, now uninstall your brother printer driver locate and click on your brother device driver and click remove click remove driver. Select ok and click yes to confirm the removal of the printer driver. If you receive a message that your print driver is currently in use. You’ll need to reboot your Windows 10 and try again. Now that your brother device has been removed click add printer to install the device again. Your computer will now begin to search for available network printers although your printer. May be found click the printer listed now select brother printer and reinstalled using its IP address.

Once your printer is discovered select it and choose next if the printer was not found. You’ll need to reboot your router brother device and computer. The printer will now add itself back to devices and printers. If prompted for a driver version select use the driver that is currently installed and then click next. Click next again to use the default printer name if prompted. Select do not share this printer print test page the printer will now print a test page. Click close then click finish.