Carriage jam errors may appear randomly on certain printer models. Indicate that there is a print carriage jam. Clear the jam and press OK. This error occurs when the printer fails to properly move the print carriage left and right. You need to follow the steps below in order to fix paper jam error on printer.

Resolve any carriage jam on printer brands such as HP, BROTHER, CANON, and EPSON remaining paper from a jam. Never pull on it or force the mechanisms. Each printer has a specific procedure for clearing jams. Check your manual for the exact procedure. Make sure there are no paper scraps left in the carriage path or sheet path. Also, check that there is no debris on the double-sided (duplex) accessory if your printer has one.

How do I clear a carriage jam on my printer

Remove the printheads or cartridges, and reinstall them. Take the opportunity to clean the paper feed error and, both in the cartridge or head and in the receptacle where they are housed. Reset the printer. Perform a hard reset or semi-full reset. You can find the way to do it in this Knowledge Base. If you can’t find it, post a message on the forum, and we’ll try to locate it. This procedure resets the status of all paper sensors. Cleans the encoder tape. The encoder strip is a transparent plastic strip approximately 7mm wide, along which the print carriage moves. This tape has vertical lines recorded that allows the head to know the exact point of the path where it is. If the tape is dirty, the head cannot correctly calculate its position, throwing the error.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why does my printer keep saying carriage jam?
Ans: Grease the carriage and hold down the bar. The printers have an initial greasing, which is lost with their use. If the motor tries to move the head, and the head does not move as it should, it can throw this error. Use a very light grease, such as lithium grease, which can be found at any hardware store or specialized superstore. Do not use 3 in 1 and similar products.

Q: How to fix a carriage jam on an hp printer?
Ans: First reboot the printer and clear the paper jam error manually. Next, open the printer head and reinstall the print cartridge and check the ink also. Further, make sure the print carriage runs smoothly.