How to connect printer to WiFi using printer control panel. Make sure printer and computer are connected to power supply and using up-to-date hardwares. Now turn ON the printer and desktop, check the printer drivers version on desktop.

Go to the official website of the printer and search for printer model drivers and softwares. Enter the printer model in the website search bar and select your computer operating version as windows7, windows8, windows10, windows11, Linux, Mac, and Mobile etc. Now click to download the latest printer drivers and install the drivers.

download the latest printer drivers

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How do I connect my printer to wifi

Note the wifi password and SSID details (SSID details mentioned behid the router). Now go to the printer control panel and turn ON the printer. Press the wifi icon and wait for the available local network to display on the printer screen. Click on your local wireless printer and enter the password detailsand connect printer to wifi.

How to connect printer to wifi Windows10, 7, 8

Turn ON the desktop and printer and go to the desktop programme. Right-click on the printer drivers .exe file and see the software version. If not updates as per printer model and desktop version. Download the latest software and install on windows. Follow the further steps given below:

In case of wifi:

  • Click on the windows 10 wifi icon and connect to local wifi router.
  • Go to the desktop search bar and type “printer and scanners” click on it.
  • Click on the +icon to add the printer.
  • Tap on tthe printer model and add to install printer on windows.

In case of Cable:
Connect the desktop and printer with the router cable(WLAN) and see the network status. Further repeat the above steps and connect printer to wireless router using windows.

Steps to connect printer to wifi Mac OS X 10.5 or greater

Steps to connect printer to wifi Mac

How to connect printer to wireless network using mac setting. Therefore, follow the steps given below:

  • Insert USB cable in printer and desktop port.
  • Click on the wifi button on printer menu.
  • Printer start searching for available network.
  • Click to add the network on printer.
  • Now go to the desktop tasbar and click on the LAN icon.
  • Tap on the properites under the local network and enter SSID and Password.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to connect printer to wifi without cable?
Ans: Download the latest printer drivers from the official website as per computer operating version. After printer drivers installation go to the printer menu and tap on wifi icon. Further connect your local printer to wifi.

Q: How to connect printer to phone?
Ans: First, connect printer to wifi by printer control panel. Now open the mobile and go to the mobile setting. Search for printer in latest mobile and open the windows printing services. Click on the Add services and install the print App. Using print app connect printer to mobile.

Q: How to connect printer to wifi with cable?
Ans: Simply, connect router USB cable to printer and desktop. Now insert the cable in printer and desktop port and connect both devices. Now go to the printer start menu and type “Devices and Printer” Open the printers menu and click to the your local printer.