Connecting a canon mg3650 printer to wifi is quite simple. You only need wires with you and the driver, which can be easily downloaded on any computer. The installation of this driver is compulsory before you can connect the drive to your home network or one in any other location you may choose and connect canon printer to wifi onwards.

  • First connect printer and computer with the same wifi router.
  • Insert the Ethernet cable one side into the printer and another side on the wifi.
  • Now go to the printer Menu and check the lights status.
  • Press and hold the WiFi icon on the printer control panel.
  • Wait and let printer search for network and setup a connection automatically.

Steps to connect canon mg3650 printer to WiFi

Steps to connect canon Pixma mg3650 printer to wifi

Download and install the latest version of Print Driver on your computer to connect canon mg3650 printer to wifi . This can be done by going to Device Manager in Windows Control Panel, right clicking on “Printers & Scanners” category, selecting “Add a printer” option and following the on-screen instructions. Now click on “Install” option in order to install new driver(s).

Canon printer with USB cable
Connect your Canon printer with USB cable. Turn off your device first, disconnect it from power source and then connect it with USB cable while pressing “OK” button on both devices at once. Ensure that you have turned off your device before connecting it with USB cable so that it does not start printing automatically when connected through USB port! Printers are featured with wifi options and detect the local network.

How to connect my canon Pixma mg3650 to wifi

After installing the drivers, turn on your printer and press the “Start” button in front of it until all lights turn green (this may take up to 5 minutes). In the menu, click “Wireless Setup Wizard”, then click Next button, then enter your password and then click Next button again until you get to the point where you will choose a network type – choose “Home Wireless Network”.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to connect a canon mg3650 printer to a laptop?
Ans: The procedure is quite simple, the following steps will help you to connect your Canon printer to wifi without wire. Update Printer Driver. Check WiFi Settings.Check Wi-Fi Network. Connection. Turn on Wireless Printing. Enter the IP Address of the Printer on the Router and Port Number.
Q: Steps to setup canon mg3650 via Bluetooth?
Ans: Make sure the printer and computer are connected with a similar Wi-Fi router. Now, Turn on the bluetooth on the computer and search for available devices. On the other hand press and hold the bluetooth icon on the printer Menu.