Check the power connection and turn ON the printer and wifi router and start the process to connect canon mg3600 to wifi. There are two methods to setup network connection between printer and wifi. One is wireless, and another is wired connection. In case of wire: insert the one port of the Ethernet cable onto the router and another into the printer jet. In case of wireless mode: Make sure printer and router is ON and noted down the SSID information and wifi router username and password. Go to the printer control panel and press the wifi icon and hold it. Next, printers lights start blinking and enter the SSID and password information, and connect printer to wifi easily.

How do I connect my canon mg3600 printer to my computer

Make sure printer and computer is connected with the similar wifi router via ethernet cable or wireless. Now, open the computer “control panel” and click on the “printers & scanners”. Furthermore, move to the printers list and right-click on your printer model, and see the what’s the printer printing. Now, go to the official webiste of the printer and download the latest printer drivers as per computer specifications. Install the softwares on computer and reboot the desktop. Next, open the PC control panel and click on the “Devices & Printers”, Click on the add a device. Therefore, computer start searching for the avavilable printer models. Click on the mg3600 printer and add on the computer and test a print page.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do i connect my canon mg3600 printer to a new wifi?
Ans: First, reset canon mg3600 printer to wifi, and note-down the new wifi router password and ssid details. Moreover, click on the printer Menu and press the wifi button. Wait to display the network name on printer screen. Click on the local wifi network and enter the password and other details, and connect printer to new wifi.

Q: How to connect canon mg3600 printer to wifi without wps?
Ans: Use the Ethernet cable, enter the one side into the printer port, and another side into the wifi router and reboo the printer.