Are you trying to connect canon mg3022 printer on windows and mac operating system? Check the wireless Wi-Fi network connection and ensure printer and wireless network power is ON. Before, start check printer hardware and follow the further steps given below: Therefore, connect printer to wifi by following steps.

  1. To have a proper canon mg3022 wireless connection you must have a network name and password and a computer.
  2. A device in which you have a properly working internet connection.
  3. Make sure to turn them ON Also ensure that the computer is on the same internet connection which is connected to your printer.
  4. Always clear up the space between the printer and the computer as it can hinder the network connection.
  5. You must ensure that you have canon mg3022 wireless drivers to start the wireless connection.
  6. You can start the connection by using the wireless setup wizard. Click on wireless icon in the control panel and click on wireless menu. 
  7. Go to settings and then wireless settings. Now select wireless setup wizard.  

How to connect my canon mg3022 printer to windows 8/10)

You can connect canon mg3022 printer through wi-fi connection with computer. Which is explained above or through a USB or Ethernet cable which is also called a wired setup printer and that is explained below.

  1. Turn on the printer and the computer.
  2. Plug in the USB on the back of the printer and the computer. You can also use an ethernet cable in its place.
  3. Now install the suitable drivers for your printer.
  4. You can either download it through a CD or through driver easy.
  5. Driver easy helps to detect the right drivers for your computer as you don’t know the system on which your computer is running.
  6. After downloading the driver easy, click scan now. It detects the problem drivers.
  7. Click update to download the correct drivers for your computer.
  8. Go to control panel and check that the printer is added to the computer or not.
  9. Press windows +R key to open dialog box. Click control and then click enter. Now select drivers and printers.
  10. See if your printer is selected in the printer If you do not see your printer, add it to your computer.
  11. Click on hardware and sounds option in the control panel.
  12. Select advanced printer’s setup. Click on your printer and click
  13. It may take time to connect your computer to the printer. After the completion, click on devices and printers.
  14. Your printer will now appear in the printer Run a test print.

Steps to connect canon mg3022 printer to mac

Printer wireless on canon mg 3022 printer once mac is connected through wireless network.

  1. For setting up a wireless connection in your Mac OS.
  2. You need to keep a few things ready.
  3. First you need a network name SSID and a password (WEP or WPA).
  4. Second you need a computer connected to the network same as your printer.
  5. Power on the computer, printer and your router.
  6. Pull out the USB cord and the ethernet cord. Plug in the cords after sometime.
  7. Identify your printer in settings and select your printer. Then enter the model number and click OK.
  8. You will see the OS version of your printer. You can change this version in the change
  9. Download canon easy start. Now open canon easy file.

Follow the instructions shown to setup the process. Now choose the printer from the drop-down menu and select add. The setup process is now complete. If printer do not print, then check canon printer offline issues and try to print agagin.