If you have a local network and want to connect the canon mg2950 printer to wifi. Make sure the printer and computer have the appropriate version of software. There are two ways to set up a canon printer with wireless and USB cable. Installing and setting up a wireless printer requires more work than installing a traditional printer that uses a USB cable. A specific guide to install canon printer to WiFi.

Most modern models have built-in wifi, but if yours does not have it. There are still ways to make it work wirelessly by connecting it to a router. It is easy to operate a printer with a USB or Ethernet cable. Connecting a wireless printer can be more difficult. Before you start printing, you must first connect the printer to the wireless network.

  • Connect the printer to a WiFi network.
  • The way to establish the WiFi connection depends on the printer.

Steps to connect canon mg2950 to wifi

Install the latest canon printer drivers as per computer operating version. Once installed the software keeps in mind that even if you already have the installed driver to print through a USB or network cable. Reinstalling it from the disk that comes with the printer is usually the easiest way to configure it. It prints through the Wi-Fi connection.

Steps to connect canon mg2950 to wifi

In some cases, a configuration wizard in the menus of the printer that will guide you through each configuration. Enter the identifier of the service assembly (SSID) of the network. Sometimes an installation program that is included with the printer will be responsible for entering the information in the printer. First connect using a USB cable to send the settings to the printer. Check the printer configuration and If you have lost the original documentation, you should be able to download copies from the manufacturer’s website.

How do I connect canon mg2950 to wifi through Windows 10

We can connect the WiFi printer in Windows 10 manually.

  • Click on the Windows Start menu.
  • Select “Configuration” and Click on «Devices-Bluetooth-Printer.
  • Now in «printers and scans» and turn on the printer.
  • Set the WiFi connection from your printer. Check the printer’s manual to know how to do it, because this process varies between manufacturers and even printer models.
  • Click on “Add a printer or scanner”.
  • Select the printer and click “Add Device”.
  • Receive a box with several options. Select «Add Recognizable Network Printer, Wireless or Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why is my canon mg2950 not connecting to wifi?
Ans: Make sure canon mg 2950 printer is using valid “software and hardware” although download the latest software version as per computer specification. Once software is downloaded then reinstall the drivers and connect the printer to wifi again through USB or wireless.

Q: How to connect canon printer mg2950 to wifi wirelessly?
Ans: Turn ON the computer and check the printer drivers version is up -to -dated or not. If you need to update then go to the official website of the printer brand and download the software.