Printer Offline on Windows 10. If you have an Printer & got technical issues as that you cannot resolve the Printer Offline problem on your own. Then, follow the technical steps given below and turn the printer online. You are not able to print or scan a document.

Often this error occurs in printers. Due to various reasons like the printer is working continuously and has gotten heated up. Or the Wi-Fi router is not working properly, paper jam, problem in cable and connection, outdated printer drivers are being installed.

There can be a communication problem between the computer and printer as the printer is unable to receive printing commands. There are several reasons why the WIFI printer always has offline errors. This offline error is often caused in windows. Sometimes, firmware is not up to date and is required to be updated to its latest version. Printer drivers have become outdated and need to be updated to their latest version.

How do i get my printer back online with windows 10

Fix printer offline issue in Windows 10 and Turn on the “Network Discovery” & the “File And Printer Sharing”. Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > See left side menu and click on Change Advanced Sharing Settings > Now turn on Network Discovery & File Printing Sharing.

Now disable the “Use Printer Offline”.

Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right-click on your printer & choose option See What’s Printing > click Printer & if Use Printer Offline already enabled, with a single click disable it.

Don’t forget to check the Printer Connectivity.

Go to Control panel > Devices and Printers > Right-click on your printer > go to printer Properties > click on the Ports > here you will see printer’s connection settings > make sure that your printer connection type is right.
For example: If you are connected by USB cable make sure that USB connection is selected & if you’re connected by a wireless or wired connection make sure that the I address settings are right. Because, if your configurations are not right then the printer offline error can occur.

Turn Printer Offline to online in windows 10

To check printer ink cartridges and issue of paper jam and check cable or wire has become loose or ink cartridges have become empty. The printer is loaded with the wrong type of paper and causing a paper jam.
Make sure that the printer is loaded with the right type of paper in its input tray.
Set your printer as the default printer and printer connect to a wifi network.

  • Update your printer drivers to their latest version. They should be updated from time to time to avoid any errors in the printer.
  • Error in the network router. To check the router settings and lights. If the router lights are blinking or are stable.
  • To update the firmware of the printer. As updated firmware helps to solve various other errors of the printer also.
  • Deactivate the automatic offline commands for the printer. To deactivate them as due to it the printer is not able to connect to network.
  • Restart your router and see if it is working properly and the lights on it are stable. To check the settings also.
  • Now remove all the printing tasks from the printer. So that it can be restarted and reinstalled again on the Windows 10 system.
  • Re-install the printer drivers if required. Maybe the printer drivers are not working accurately and need to be re-installed and updated.
  • Check if the IP address of the Wi-Fi network is entered correctly and the password is also correct. If they are incorrect, then enter the accurate IP address of the network and password.

Fix Printer offline issues in windows 10

Today, on Printer Offline Windows 10, we are discussing the troubleshooting of printer offline issue in Microsoft Windows 10. Your power & connection might be right but you still can face printer offline issue on your Windows 10 & the method we are sharing with you also works with Windows 8.1, 8 and 7 as well. There’s a huge list of reasons, why your printer is facing the offline issue. Some of them we’ll discuss in this blog.