Sometimes you face a situation where you want to print a document but when you enter the print command and nothing happens. In this situation when you look at the printer menu you see a message “Printer Offline” then raise question such as How to fix an offline printer, printer is offline mac. Here we are sharing some steps to get your printer back to online status in no time. Get Printers Offline Support Services steps below :

How to fix an offline printer?

  1. Go to Setting in your system
  2. Choose the Printer option.
  3. Now Right-Click on the printer option and select the Use Printer Online.
  4. Clear the print job queue and then double click on the printer option and go to Printer Menu.
  5. Cancel All documents.
  6. Toggle the printer off and then back on. And don’t forget to cross check the network connections. .
  7. Restart your computer. If doesn’t work reinstall the printer drivers.
  8. Now got to the Settings > Printers and then choose the Printer.
  9. Right- Click on Printer > Properties.
  10. Click General tab select the driver button and choose the option driver again.
  11. Download the drivers from the providers.
  12. Now reinstall the printer. Under the Printer option in the Setting,
  13. Menu go back and select the printer and then delete the printer and then reinstall the printer through Add Printer wizard.

By following steps you can learn How to fix an offline printer ?


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