There are different types printers and choosing the right printer for you can be a difficult choice. Different types of printers can narrow down your options and pick up one of those huge lists of printers can be a challenge for you. We are sharing reviews of three different types of printers in this article. You can read and choose what is best for your use.

Inkjet Printer

The most common type of printer is an ink jet printer. This printer is one of the cheapest printers available in the market. Whereas, some of the colored ink jet printers can be very expensive and there are endless verities are available.

How it works

Ink Jet printer sprays tiny droplets of the ink straight on the paper to place an image on the paper. The ink used is an aqueous mixture of glycol, water, pigments or dye. It uses less expensive dye based ink as it tends to fade much faster than the expensive pigment based ink.  You can replace and remove ink cartridges as needed. Some printers use only one cartridge for all inks and some use separate cartridge for each color.


Ink Jet Printers have a quick warm-up time and are cheaper to use. Ink jet printers are photo specific so the quality of color prints made can be phenomenal. But remember ink cartridge must be replaced frequently. Ink can be expensive and tends to have 3000 DPI resolution.


Laser Printers

A laser printer uses a laser beam to produce an image on the drum which then attracts electrically a powdered toner to the paper to form the image. Normally laser printers are tended to create black and white prints very quickly and accurately as well and especially the text prints.  How it works

The laser printer uses a disposable toner cartridge. This black and white printer uses one toner cartridge and color laser printer can use separate cartridge for each color or one cartridge for all the colors. Laser printer’s resolution can be much higher than the ink jet printers. Its range can be 1200 DPI to 2400 DPI which makes clear text and line arts.


Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers have rugged durability and a low cost of use. These types of printers are used usually at homes or for small businesses.

How it works

Whenever you want to print any image, the image is applied on the paper by a print head that strikes on the paper through a ribbon embedded with the ink. The print head transfers a thin slice of graphics or a single line of text at a time using an array of little dots. And then it moved back and forth all across the page until the printing is complete. Dot matrix printers are noisy and are not fast as the other printers.

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