If your computer can’t communicate with your printer & then your printer will display messages Offline. Always check if your printer is ON and connected to the same network as your computer & learn from our certified expert How to Change a Printer’s Status to Online.

If you want to check if  connect printer to the Wi-Fi you can check printer’s manual and follow the instruction to know what is the problem & if your printer is still not working & having trouble printing your documents, then uninstall and install printer drivers and check again & Change a Printer’s Status to Online.

Here are some steps to follow to change your printer’s status offline to online :

On the off chance that you bring a printer on the web and it doesn’t work & you may need to introduce the printer driver on your PC for it to convey and work. State for instance your printer that is offline & regardless of how frequently you reconnect it. Printer definitely returns Offline.  Access your settings, at that point click Devices. Select Printers and Scanners and pick Add Device. You can introduce the printer to your PC to guarantee it works legitimately now.

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How to uninstall  printer windows 7

  1. Click on the Start.
  2. Next  go to Settings.
  3. Click on the Devices.
  4. And now select the Printers and Scanners.
  5. Now select the printer and select the Remove Device.

Your windows will find nearby printers and now choose the printer you want to add and select Add Device.


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