There are several elements that canon ts3122 connect to wifi, of ​​more or less intensive use. Checking the router: If the printer includes WiFi, print wirelessly. Configure it in the same way through connection. It is important to make sure that you have an Internet connection and the WiFi works correctly before carrying out the installation. In addition, you must have the password handy to establish the connection. Check the cable connection: When connect printer to Wi-Fi. It is common to connect it by cable. Typically, cable runs from the printer to the computer connected via a USB port. Some printers can be connected to a network, by connecting a LAN cable to network card:

How to canon ts3122 connect to wifi

Before continuing to connect a canon ts3122 printer on your wireless router. Your device must first be prepared for this procedure. Take the printer out of the box, if you haven’t already, then continue to connect it to the mains using the power cord button, and finally turn it on.

At this point, if it’s a Wi-Fi printer, there are two ways to do it: If your device is equipped with an LCD screen and a numeric keypad. Press the Menu key with physical buttons and select the set item. Tap the screen next to the Settings icon.

Then go to the red section, select the items later Wi-Fi by Connect to the wifi network From the setup menu. Choose the name of the network you want to connect from the list. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the password and complete the procedure. Alternatively, setup canon  printer to wifi directly during installation via your PC. On the other hand, if you have a printer that is not equipped with a Wi-Fi network but has only Ethernet or USB connectivity, turn it on. Make the physical connection to the PC when prompted by the installer to do so.

Why won’t my canon ts3122 connect to Wi-Fi

The easiest way to install the canon printer in Windows is to use the installation CD included in the original device box. Insert it into the appropriate reader on your computer, and after a few seconds, answer yes to the auto-roll prompt that appears on the screen.

Why won’t my canon ts3122 connect to wifi

Click the Next button in the new desktop window. Click on the Next button and then, check the box reviewed and accept the installation terms and conditions and press the following button again.

After a few moments, the installation of the drivers required for the printer to work properly will begin. At the end of procedure, choose the type of connection required by the device you are using (wireless, USB / ethernet to Connect later). Place the bookmark in the most appropriate box, click the next button. And, carefully follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup procedure. At this stage, setup printer to computer. In case of USB connection or to temporarily disconnect from the Wi-Fi network if you need to set up a wireless printer.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to connect the canon ts3122 printer to the new wifi network?
Ans: Connect your ts3122 printer to the new wifi router with Ethernet cable or wireless. A message related to the wifi icon configuration will be displayed on the printer screen. If desired, add the checkmark next to the Print test page box (to check if the printer is working), then press the end button to complete the device setup.

Q:How to connect canon ts3122 to wifi without wps?
Ans: Once on the next page, select the Windows option from the Operating System drop-down menu and its exact version (eg Windows 10 (64-bit)) from the version drop-down menu. Press the change button, and wait for the best software to load. In this case, identify the Full Software item and the drivers for (printer name) in the proposed list, click the download button.