Mac users give on to canon printer offline issues. Printer offline issues arise because of several reason might be behind it. First and foremost confirm the printer drivers version on MacBook, and update the softwares as per mac specifications. Open the system preferences and look over at printer status. If it shows offline message at that time reboot the printer and computer. Thus, resolve the canon printer offline issues.

Update Canon Printer Drivers on Mac Computer

Update the printer drivers and turn canon printer offline problems on mac devices. MacOS automatically uses the AirPrint to connect to the canon printer model. Check the print dialogue, and add the printer agagin and download the canon printer drivers from the official webiste of printer manufacturers. Turn ON Mac, and open the Apple Menu, next open, System System, and lastly click on Printers and Scanners in the left sidebar. Scroll down and click on the printer model and remove the printer. Hence, click on the plus icon and re-install the printer through AirPrint. Use updated software from the folder.

Reset the Printer Setting on mac to fix offline error

Try to reset the printing system and enables printer to printer agagin. Delete all the printing jobs from the printer list, printer presets also. Open the Printers and Scanners on the Apple computer. and control-click the printer, and choose the reset printing system. Afterwards, re-add the canon printer mode

Set as Default Printer

Change the default printer at any time for smooth printing. Check the default printer model in the Print Dialogue. Hereby, add a new printer, or check the printer status. Open the printers and scanners on MacBook. Scroll down and click on the default printer. Now from the drop down select the printer model and set as default printer.