How to Fix canon pixma mg2522 setup issues without cd. Pixma mg 2522 can connect via Wi-Fi to the device. There are two different ways to connect canon printer to Wi-Fi depending on preferences: with the WPS button and through the computer’s settings. Do you want to know how to Canon pixma mg2522 setup to WIFI?

Fix canon pixma mg2522 setup issues

An advantage of printer mg 2522 compared to a few years ago is that it saves cables and has a much cleaner workspace. But Wi-Fi has more virtues, and it can print from many devices. You don’t have to use a computer anymore. This opens up a very wide field of possibilities. How to connect the printer to Wi-Fi is a choice.

The WPS connection is a WIFI Protected Setup. This type of connection makes it easy to use the network, without the need for a password. Depending on the router’s previous configuration, may be asked for a PIN, although in other cases it may not ask for anything and it will be processed automatically. To set up printer to Wi-Fi through the WPS connection we need the following:

  • Printer that supports Wi-Fi and WPS functionality.
  • Router with a WPS button.
  • Wireless network with a WPA or WPA2 password.

To connect printers by this method you do not need a computer, only the printer and an active Wi-Fi network. What to do is hold down the WPS button on the printer (which is an icon with an antenna and curved signals on the sides) until it blinks. In the event that the printer does not have this button, to enter the network configuration or wireless configuration, where we will find the WPS option. Then we will click “Start”.

Go to our router and press the WPS button until the light begins to blink. After this, the printer should connect to Wi-Fi, although it may take up to 2 minutes to complete the operation. Then, install printer drivers on the device to print, canon pixma mg2522 print from phone, canon pixma mg2522 setup iPhone.

Steps to setup canon pixma mg2522 on Computer

Connect a printer to wifi through the windows settings. The next method is to setup printer to Wi-Fi through the configuration of the computer. Go to the Control Panel; In Hardware and Sound, click on See devices and printers to connect to the Wifi. Here select the option to add a printer and wait for the device. In this case, the PC, to find the model of the printer model.

Once the printer appears in the list. Select it and click Next. The device installs some files necessary for the operation of the printer and then confirms that it has been installed correctly. This is a very efficient way to set up printers to Wifi. After installation, the device shows the option to print a test page to verify that the printer works correctly. Accept it to check it and once finished.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to set up canon pixma mg2522 on MacBook?
Ans: First turn on the computer and printer and connect with the cable to the Wi-Fi router. Now go to the MacBook system and preferences. Click on the plus icon and search for available printers. Now click on your pixma printer and canon pixma mg2522 setup on the mac device.

Q: Steps to setup canon pixma mg2522 without CD?
Ans: Go to the official website of canon printer and download latest printer software related to printer pixma mg2522 and computer operating version. Once download the drivers then install and setup on the computer.