Several ways to canon mx490 failed to connect to WiFi , or computer. Make sure the printer and laptop have compatible softwares and hardwares. A quick and easy guide to setup a canon printer in wireless mode.

Why canon mx490 failed to connect to computer

Configure the mx490 printer to connect to a wireless network using the SSID and password. Once connected, move to your computer and install the printer. Note: Both the computer and the printer must be connected to the same wireless network.

  • Press the Power Button on your mx490 printer to turn on the printer module and wait a few seconds for all your settings to load.
  • Now click the Forward button below the screen and click Good when the Device Settings choice comes up.
    Forward button to navigate to LAN Settings and press Ok.
  • Press the arrow settings to navigate to Wireless LAN Settings and press OK.
  • Now the printer will start looking for signals and the light will start to dim. It will search for available Wi-Fi networks to connect.
  • After searching for Wi-Fi networks, a list of all networks within range will appear. Choose the right one using the arrow buttons and press OK.
  • Enter the password. Here’s the trivial part.
  • Change the input format by simply pressing the ‘*’ button on your keyboard. The modes will switch between numeric, uppercase, and lowercase letters.
    Once you have selected the correct input format, you can use the keys to enter the password and press OK.
    When the printer connects successfully, it will display a screen like the following.

How to setup wireless canon mx490 wireless windows 10

Go ahead and connect it to windows10 by following the steps mentioned below. As already mentioned, your computer and printer must be on the same network.

  • Press Windows + R., type “control/name Microsoft.
  • Click on Add a printer present at the top of the screen.
  • Windows 10 automatically connects to the local network. Go to the printer setting and click on the add printer.
  • Windows 1o search for the available printer and now click on the mx490 printer model and set up wireless on the computer.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to connect a canon mx490 printer to wifi?
Ans: First, keep the limited space between your wifi and printer. Turn on your printer and router. Now click on the wifi icon on the printer button menu. Printer lights start blinking and search for the local network. Enter the SSID and password of your wifi and connect the printer to wifi easily. Further, it is now easy to connect the mx490 printer to the laptop also.
Q:How do I set up the Canon Pixma mx490 wireless on mac?
Ans: Make sure MacBook and printer are connected with a similar wifi router. Go to the MacBook system and preferences. Click on the – minus + plus icon and search for the mx490 printer. Next, click to add the printer on mac wirelessly.