In this blog, we are sharing the method to bring your offline printer online.

How to Bring back my printer offline to online

  1. Reboot your printer, give some moments to your printer to finish rebooting process.
  2. Check for the printer and computer connection. Make sure for network connectivity as well. Double-check for the link light on the backside of the printer that it is flashing green if your printer is a networked unit.
  3. Log in to your computer.
  4. When your computer is on, click on the Start > Devices and Printers.
  5. Now right-click on your printer and select See What’s Printing to display spooler.
  6. Click on the Printer > Use Printer Offline (remove the check mark).

Your printer should come to online status this time but if it doesn’t and the option is grayed out and still showing printer offline error, follow the steps given below:

  1. Close your printer spooler window and return back to Devices and Printers screen.
  2. Download the latest printer drivers from the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Install the printer drivers by following the instruction manual that comes with the package.


And you still can’t fix printer offline issue, continue with the steps given below

  1. Click on Start > Control Panel.
  2. Type Troubleshoot in the search box and click on the appeared Troubleshooting link.
  3. Click on the Use a Printer under Hardware and Sound option.
  4. Now all you need is to follow the instruction shown on your screen. The troubleshooter will attempt to find and fix printer offline And if it can’t, it will provide you further guidance to resolve the issue.


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