Fix Canon ts3322offline error

Trying to print a document but canon ts3322 shows offline error. In most cases, finding a solution to an offline error problem is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is restart your printer and computer, or unplug the USB cable. If you are using a network printer, either wired or wireless, the problem is with the connection and you need to restart the router. Here are some guidelines to resolve printer offline errors, try following these steps and we hope your issue […]


How to setup canon ts3322 printer

There is a guide on how to canon ts3322 setup printer on computer and connect printer to wifi router also. First, unpack the printer from its box and locate the CD that contains the printer software. Put the CD aside; to be used in. Remove any plastic, foam packaging, or tape if the printer is new out of the box. Attach the scanner lid by sliding the two plastic rods into place on the top of the printer. Connect the power supply to […]


Fix printer not printing

What to do when giving commands for printing a document and printer not printing on computer. Many printer users have a problem that does not respond to their desktop. Therefore, wireless printers do not respond or display a “printer not responding” error when trying to print something. The following are some methods that have helped many printer users. Make some basic troubleshooting solutions:

  • Run the printer troubleshooter.
  • Next, Restart the Print Spooler service.
  • Set the correct port for the printer.
  • Update the printer driver.

Why […]


How to Fix Paper Jam in Printer

Going to print a document but printer do not respond because of printer paper jam error. Want to Fix Printer Paper Jam firstly, remove the jammed paper from the printer printing tray and align the paper sheets again. Now go to the desktop Menu and search for “printers and scanners” and open the printer setting screen on computer. Further, click on the printer and click on manage. A new windows open under the printer status: click on the “Open Print queue” and remove all […]


Zebra printer offline

Is your zebra printer offline and do not respond on computer? In that case, printer might be facing any “software” or “hardware” issues. Make sure printer is using accurate hardware USB cables and connected to wifi also. Go to the desktop start Button and type printer in search box. Open system setting and right-click on zebra printer and see what’s printer is printing. Steps Back and test a printer page and turn printer online.

Why zebra printer keeps going offline windows 10?

There might be several […]


How to connect printer to WiFi

How to connect printer to WiFi using printer control panel. Make sure printer and computer are connected to power supply and using up-to-date hardwares. Now turn ON the printer and desktop, check the printer drivers version on desktop.

printer and computer connect to power supply

Go to the official website of the printer and search for printer model drivers and softwares. Enter the printer model in the website search bar and select your computer operating version as windows7, […]