Fix Brother dcp-l2540dw Offline


Why my printer not recognising cartridge

There are several elements that can affect a printer not recognising cartridge, and that is why your HP, CANON, EPSON, and BROTHER printer when you insert a new cartridge does not recognize it and gives you an error. Here, the problems that may have happened, if this happens to you, surely the solution to your problem will be found within these.

Why instant ink cartridge not recognised on printer

Possible problems that our cartridge could suffer. How do I get my Brother printer to recognize […]


How to fix a carriage jam on printer

Carriage jam errors may appear randomly on certain printer models. Indicate that there is a print carriage jam. Clear the jam and press OK. This error occurs when the printer fails to properly move the print carriage left and right. You need to follow the steps below in order to fix paper jam error on printer.

Resolve any carriage jam on printer brands such as HP, BROTHER, CANON, and EPSON remaining paper from a jam. Never pull on it or force the mechanisms. Each […]


How to connect canon mg2950 printer to wifi

If you have a local network and want to connect the canon mg2950 printer to wifi. Make sure the printer and computer have the appropriate version of software. There are two ways to set up a canon printer with wireless and USB cable. Installing and setting up a wireless printer requires more work than installing a traditional printer that uses a USB cable. A specific guide to install canon printer to WiFi.

Most modern models have built-in wifi, but if yours does not have […]


Fix Canon tr4500 Offline

What to do when canon tr4500 shows offline error on the computer. In that case, many users have confirmed that they can fix the printer offline message by changing the printer’s properties. But this solution is only for users who use a network printer.

  • First, go to Control Panel> Devices and Printers.
  • Now right click on the printer> from the menu select Printer properties
  • Go to the Ports tab> from the list choose your printer’s IP address> click the Configure Port
  • Then uncheck […]

Fix Canon mg3600 Offline Error

When the canon mg3600 printer says offline first, check your power and wifi connection. Second, try to reboot the printer and computer and check the printer setting. So, restart the printer and computer first, or disconnect the USB cable. Also, if you are using a network printer or a wired or wireless, then the problem may be with the connection, so restart the router. Here are some procedures to fix printer offline error, try to follow them, and see if the printer error […]