It can be a very annoying experience when you ready to print an important document but find out that printer is offline or doesn’t work. What could be wrong with printer?   You’ll see then a printer is offline message in the printer menu and it could be more frustrating. Therefore, steps to repair your offline printer any model is mentioned in the article.

What you have to do at this moment when printer keeps going online to offline mode. It’s not that much difficult but you need to follow technical steps or keep patience for completing task carefully. 5 steps are written in article and troubleshoot printer offline problems.

Steps to Repair Your Offline Printer

Follow the article and fix printer offline issues in sort span of time.

  1. The first task you can take is to try setting up the printer to get back online. Oftentimes, printer doesn’t work immediately but you have to try it. You can do this by going to “Settings,” “Printers,” then “Use Printer Online.” Check if the printer tuned from offline to online after this step. If it doesn’t, you can proceed to the next printer technical step.
  2. Next, click to Clear all print jobs and double-click on “Printer”. Choose option “Remove All Documents” from “Printer Menu.” The reason behind doing this is that there could be a stuck print job in printer queue, which results to the printer keeps going offline. Try once again setting the printer online, then test if it can print a document.
  3. Click to turn on the printer and turn it off printer. Wait for a few of minutes, then turn printer it back on. Examine if the network connections are not connected. You can repeat the steps mentioned earlier after this step.
  4. Finally, Restart your computer. Reinstall printer drivers if the printer still doesn’t work. You can search for the driver button by clicking “Settings” > “Printers” > “Properties” > “General” > “Details Tab.” Download the printer drivers from the manufacturer’s official website.
  5. The final option is to reinstall printer. Click to go to “Settings,” “Printers,” and select printer again. Delete printer manually and reinstall by using the add printer wizard. This should make it work well again.

If you are still unable to fix printer offline issues by following 5 major technical steps, then chat with certified printer technical experts.